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What Is Epilfree?

Epilfree is a hair removal alternative to laser. Epilfree is a unique, 100% natural and patented European professional hair removal system that combines the simplicity of use, with exceptional results that are equal to laser, but without the limitations and cost.

It is an effective natural solution for unwanted hair that works with waxing. Epilfree can be used on every Fitzpatrick and over tattoos, with no damage or chance of pigmentation.

The EPILFREE solution is based on a unique scientifically formulated combination of natural and safe synthetic ingredients (no chemicals) that inhibits and slows down the regrowth process of unwanted body hair.

This Hair Removal Treatment works in conjunction with a regular wax routine and is applied post epilation (wax) to the treated (waxed) area.

The EPILFREE treatment goes to work on the empty hair follicles at the dermal layer of the skin, it is effective on all Skin Types and Hair Colours. If the hair is removed from the root, EPILFREE will go to work and stunt the cell division process thus slowing down the hair growth process.

It combines the simplicity with exceptional results that are equal to laser but without the limitations and excessive costs.

The ingredients in Epilfree’s effective treatments are 100% natural in the activator and 98% in the toner. There is no single powerful ingredient that renders the hair follicle useless, but it is the exact combination of the natural ingredients that kills the hair follicle. Epilfree has been tested at Cosmopar in France and has been found to be hypo-allergenic.

A series of 8 - 12 treatments is typically needed to effectively reduce the hair in most areas.  The need for a series of treatments is due to the way that hair grows in stages, with only about 10 - 15% of the hair on your body at any one time in the growth stage where Epilfree is effective.  The exact number of treatments needed varies among individuals and body parts.


Please arrive with clean skin.  No lotions, oils, perfumes, sweat

You must not wet the treated area for 6 hours after your treatment
No exercise or sweating for 6 hours after your treatment

Epilfree Package Deal 

10% off of 5  or 20% off of 10